Gerri Schroder

Vinny Spotleson has dedicated his life to assisting those in need and fighting for issues important to Nevada. Whether it’s creating job opportunities through economic development, protecting our natural resources, or working with non-profit organizations to assist people who need the most help, Vinny has worked behind the scenes and knows firsthand what needs to be accomplished.”

– Gerri Schroder

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Vinny Spotleson  @vinnyspot
RT @BitterWaterBlue:When the oil industry sends their hired goons to smear you in the newspaper, you know you're doing something right. https://t.co/2CmzFzXuCZ 
Vinny Spotleson  @vinnyspot
RT @just1nbruce:Narrowly missed stepping on a rattlesnake just now. Having a lovely time 30 seconds into my trip to Red rock Canyon. https://t.co/wiuEx3FAu2