About Me

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I grew up here. I’ve lived and worked in this community for over 18 years; now I want to work for it.

So far, I’ve spent my career working to elect candidates who share my Nevada values, from U.S. Senate Candidate Jack Carter to Congresswoman Dina Titus and President Barack Obama. In between I worked for a variety of non-profits, and most recently I managed conservation and energy issues in Southern Nevada for U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid.

I understand the frustration that our feuding partisan government can’t seem to get anything done, both at the federal and local levels, but I believe that collaboration is the key to a government that people can trust again. In that spirit, I plan to bring together diverse organizations ranging from business interests like the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce to environmental groups such as the Nevada Conservation League. By bringing these kinds of different powers together, we can not only grow our economy, but also ensure that we protect Southern Nevada’s most precious natural resources.

I know this kind of thing can work, because I’ve already done it; by bringing together various stakeholders from key business leaders, utility companies, conservation stakeholders and community leaders, Senator Reid and I were able to get landmark legislation passed to protect ice age fossil beds at Tule Springs in the Northern Las Vegas Valley, while still providing additional lands for municipal development for both the cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. Similarly, during my time with the Sierra Club, I partnered with the Moapa Paiute Tribe to close the Reid-Gardner coal fired plant, which was poisoning the local Moapa tribe, infecting them with debilitating and sometimes fatal respiratory and cardiovascular ailments. In 2014, the plant was the largest source of toxic pollution in the state. By the end of next year, it’ll be nothing more than an abandoned landmark to outdated thinking and obsolete corporate greed. It’s also a pretty good example of the sort of positive, people-first changes I want to make for my community.

To that I end, I’m currently running a small local business that works with the arts community, the tourism industry, and Native American tribes to conserve public lands. I own a home in Assembly District 21 where I live with my beautiful wife Emi. Emi shares my passion for our community, and works as a social worker at the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. We share our house with our two dogs Tucci and Oliver, who are less involved in social and environmental issues, but are quite passionate about afternoon walks, local parks, and chasing neighborhood cats.