Vinny Spotleson’s Stance On Water

Vinny Spotleson’s Stance on Water

After ten years of drought, and given the ongoing crisis in California, concern about our water supply is understandable. There are steps that we can and should take that can effectively conserve water for future generations. I am committed to…

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Vinny Spotleson’s Stance On Prisons

Vinny Spotleson’s Stance on Prisons

More than 20,000 people are presently incarcerated in Nevada. We desperately need funding and reforms to ensure humane conditions that properly transition people out of prison so that they may be successful after their sentence.* Nevada can also do more…

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Vinny Spotleson’s Stance On Guns

Vinny Spotleson’s Stance on Guns

No one is proposing, and I would not support, legislation that would take guns from law-abiding citizens. I support common-sense background checks on people with histories of violence. I firmly oppose proposals that have come up in the recent legislative…

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Vinny Spotleson’s Stance On Solar

Vinny Spotleson’s Stance on Solar

With more than 100 companies and more than 6,000 workers already, solar energy WAS the fastest growing industry in Nevada. Even with this immense growth, Nevada still draws less than 5% of our power from solar, and relies on the burning of out-of-state…

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