Sexual Health And Reproductive Freedom

Vinny Spotleson’s Stance on Sexual Health and Reproductive Freedom

I endorse comprehensive sex education and the obvious right of a woman to make decisions about her own body. In most of Nevada our sex education is limited to preaching abstinence; this is an outdated model that’s been proven ineffective. Our schools need a modern, enlightened, and comprehensive sexual curriculum to educate and protect our youth, not a puritanical dictate to frighten them. Better sexual education and access to healthcare has been repeatedly proven to reduce both the transmission of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Last year Oregon and California both passed laws to make it legal to buy birth control over the counter without a prescription. Studies have shown that providing this access lowers the cost of contraceptives and reduces unwanted pregnancies.

We must secure the funding, reforms, and resources needed to reduce domestic violence, sex trafficking, and sexual assaults. Too often these abuses begin in the home, making it difficult or frightening for victims to report the abuse.  In 2013 my opponent attempted to make it even more difficult by championing a law that required parental notification for any reproductive health services. I vehemently oppose any efforts to make life more difficult for victims. You should too.

Instead of bullying the victims of unconscionable tragedy, I intend to focus on prevention and healing by properly funding child protective services and improving access to healthcare.