Vinny Spotleson’s Stance on Solar

With more than 100 companies and more than 6,000 workers already, solar energy WAS the fastest growing industry in Nevada. Even with this immense growth, Nevada still draws less than 5% of our power from solar, and relies on the burning of out-of-state natural gas to create more than 80% of our electricity. The new fees implemented by the PUC and NV Energy on solar users have not only killed the solar industry in Nevada, they have also jeopardized the future of our environment.

I support the referendum that will repeal the new and excessive fees on people who want to go solar. You can too by signing the petition here: http://bringbacksolar.com/

I am committed to growing the amount of local “rooftop” solar power by making it easier for middle and low-income families, senior citizens, and businesses to make the transition. Additionally, we must mandate that NV Energy allow solar users to begin receiving credit for systems sooner after purchase and installation. Several homeowners wait more than four months from the time their solar is installed on their roof to actually be hooked into their homes and begin receiving credits for excess generation.

For more on how the solar industry has been brought to a standstill, see here: http://www.vox.com/2016/1/20/10793732/nevada-solar-industry-explained