Work Union

Vinny Spotleson’s Stance on Worker’s Rights and Labor Unions

I support worker’s rights to unionize to improve wages and working conditions. I will work to empower our workers at the bargaining table, to expand union membership, and to penalize corporations that use deceitful tactics or seek to intimidate and bully workers out of organizing. Labor unions built the middle class in America, and workers on the Las Vegas Strip owe their good wages and benefits to the union organizing of yesteryear.

I am committed to growing Labor Union representation and work in several ways:

  • Requiring prevailing wage on all public construction contracts to ensure we are using taxpayer money to build strong infrastructure and boost our community’s economy at the same time.
  • Strengthening our Labor Commissioner’s office with more resources to penalize firms that exploit immigrant labor and break minimum wage and other labor laws.
  • Creating resources to inform workers of their rights and ban scare tactics and intimidation techniques commonly used to frighten and misinform workers.

I support raising the minimum wage for all workers, and to fight against loopholes big corporations use to pay even less. For more click here.